Positive Reflection

Bushra Javed
2 min readJun 7, 2021

Before joining this fellowship, it was difficult for me to approach people, even I could not approach previous Amal fellows who I know has done this fellowship. I asked my friend to use her connections to help me out.

I was told, they provide you safe place to freely ask questions. But still I was very nervous, I did not wanted to turn on my camera. But this fellowship let me stretch my comfort zone so far that even without realizing, I was out of my comfort zone,

The instance that has the most impact on me, was when I reach out to amazing, strong fellow and friend Rabiya and told her difficulties, I was having. Next day, she asked ma’am to ask questions from me. Her effort made me realize if a person can go out her way for me, I should do it too. I participated in an activity, truly seeking discomfort and it was great because the whole batch was so cooperative.

Initially, course work was difficult but they were so interesting. Giving comments was annoying for me at first but I realize I do need to share my opinion. I started writing reflective questions for more brainstorming. I started to look and think more positively. This fellowship made me watch TED talk with breakfast instead of FRIENDS. I became more open for feedback, taking things lightly. Activity like Life Map,Knowing your Why had the most impact on me. Because when due to covid situation, I thought of leaving this fellowship, the question, Why I joined this fellowship kept me going and am glad, I choose not to quit.

I am very grateful to Ma’am Sahar for always providing me flexibility and listening, responding, giving feed backs and especially for one-one session. She is one of the reason, I loved this fellowship, she inspires me so much that how she handles things, her energy and positivity. And Sir Saim, I am very thankful to him for always helping me out and encouraging us during the sessions. My group fellows, they are all great, even though I had some difficulty adjusting at the start but later on it got all set out. All my batch mates, they made this journey worth remembering and full of learning. All my fellows have inspire me so much. Huriarah, for always clapping for everyone. Yasir, being proactive and ready to help everyone. Rabiya, for being such a strong girl and setting examples.

If I have not joined this fellowship, I would not have been selected for PepsiCo. Now, I feel like I am prepared no matter what journey I set on. One thing I learned and is very effective is do your research. Now, I do things differently with positive approach. In times of difficulty, looking for solution. I realize the power of going extra mile.

Thank you Benje Williams for thinking that youth really need this fellowship and working on it and providing us with amazing mentors and courses. Thank you Amal Academy.



Bushra Javed

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