Nutrition in Lunchbox

Bushra Javed
3 min readApr 10, 2021

If you are a mother or even if you have younger sibling. This question might have popped in your mind. Is the food I am giving to my children is healthy enough to meet his nutrient requirement? If no , now is the time to reflect

In Pakistan, 40–70 % school going children are anemic and around 60% have vitamin D deficiency. They also have zinc, vitamin C and B deficiencies.

Being a nutrition student, I know how much awareness people of Pakistan need .The right nutrition at the right time is essential for child survival, health and development. Well-nourished children are much more equipped to grow and learn, act as productive members of society, and respond well in combating disease, disasters and other global crises. Poor nutrition, by the same logic, impacts on health, education and well being through generations.

PROBLEM STATEMENT : The situation is quite dire in Pakistan, with stunting and wasting heavily prevalent in the country.Malnutrition is the main challenge and needs to be address. And this is the time for intervention

THINGS I NOTICED : Children in my family also have lot of deficiencies and people think it will get better with time. I interviewed a mother whose child was visibly anemic and she says he refuse to eat anything in school. I talked to a mother whose kids was sick most of the time and I came to know that when she was pregnant she could not took care of herself and as a result her child have a lot of deficiencies.

I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.

THEORY OF CHANGE : I came up with this idea of providing nutrition full lunches to schools and also providing awareness to mothers and teachers. So, firstly I call my cousin who is a teacher and told her my idea. It will not only fulfill the nutrition requirement but such school will also have a good reputation too as these schools are going extra miles for their students. I will be starting from my own school.

PLAN : Basically I will give ration to women of low level areas who need jobs to empower them and provide them with diet plan and guidelines on how to make this lunchbox. For transportation, I will find those people who need jobs and I will also contact the canteen owners of schools. It will start with little funds and when it has sustained itself we will be providing free foods to kids in underprivileged areas.

Along with these lunch drives we will be counselling mothers and teachers and this is how we can reduce malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies among children.

It is not your job to save everyone. Some people are not even ready to be helped. Focus on being of service to those who are, and be wise and humble enough to know when the best service you can offer is to guide them toward help in another direction.
- Anna Taylor



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