No act of kindness , no matter how small is ever wasted

Bushra Javed
2 min readMar 26, 2021

Random act of kindness

1 : Helped my friend

My friend’s father is admitted to the hospital so today’s started with me helping her compile and then I got access and submitted the most hectic and difficult assignment on time.

2 : Baked cupcakes for my nephew

My nephew loves cupcakes so I baked for him and his smile gave me immense happiness

3 : Made a cup of tea for my sister

She was feeling tired and exhausted so I made her a fancy cup of tea to change her mood.

4 : Gave water and food to birds :

I give them food and water everyday on same time so if sometimes I forget they make so much noise that every person in house reminds me. I feel like they are my friends , one of them once ate from my hand ( oh Cinderella !!)

5: Took care of my aunt

She was having body pain and was feeling alone in her room so I spent some time with her in her room. Elder people only need our time and they are healthy again

These are just small act I did for others but doing it gave me happiness. To make someone smile is the greatest happiness of all. There are abundant happiness around us just show kindness and grab your part.



Bushra Javed

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